What will happen to your body After your Death

Death is a disturbing reality for all of us, but very few people know what happens to the body once we pass away. Let's find out what will happen to our body after our death. Read on...

Eaten by Enzymes
Within 3 Days of Death Enzymes used for Digestion begin to eat you.

Stomach Bacteria eats cells ruptured by increasedacidity levels caused by C02 build-up

Skin Cells Live On
Skin Cells can live on for several days after death.

Brain Cells Die after just 3 minutes of oxygen starvation. While muscle cells survive for several hours.

Livor Mortis
When the heart stops pumping. Gravity pulls red blood cells to the body's lowest part.

Congealed blood causes purple patches which coroners use to ascertain time of death.

Some bodies will develop a Soap-like wax if in contact with cold soil or water. Adipocere is a natural preservative formed as bacteriabreaks down tissue.

The body turns green after death as bacteria in the bowel walls moves into the skin

It takes 3-4 days for Hemoglobin caused by decomposition to cause the green tinge

Purge Liquid
Organs with the greatest blood suppy liquify, mix with blood and seep from bodily orifices.

As the fluid builds up, pressure breaks down the Abdominal wall.

Bodies decompose twice as fast in water than on land & 8 times quicker than a buried body.
Skin on bodies left inwater will begin to Deglove, falling from the body in thick sheets.

Bloating Bodies
Backteria in the body creates a Foul-Smelling gas that causes bloating.

The Abdomen, Scrotum, Breasts and tongue swell up, while eyes bulge out.

Post-Mortem Fetal Extrusion
A Build-up of gases can expel a fetus from the decomposiing body of a deceased pregnant woman.

Causing the body to swell, the pressure pushes the womb and baby from the body.

Erection after death
Muscle Contraction caused by Rigor mortis around the scrotum can lead to an erection.
Commonly seen after hanging, as the noose places pressure on the cerebellum.

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